Safety Program

“Every Farrior & Sons employee takes ownership of safety and the safety program. This is reflected in the 15 year record they have obtained without a lost-time incident. This represents a total of over 1,000,000 man hours. For nine of the past fourteen years there was not one recordable incident. Safety is imbedded in the Farrior & Sons’ daily culture.”

Safety Mission Statement: “To provide a safe working environment for all our employees, subcontractors, and visitors. To promote safety awareness and to prevent all accidents.”

Company Safety Slogan: “Safety Rules are our Best Tools”

The Safety Committee consists of members from all employment levels including the company president. Safety starts at the top. This is something that we strongly believe in at Farrior & Sons. This concept has proven itself over and over again.

The safety committee meets regularly to discuss ways to improve our safety program. The primary goal is to prevent all accidents. We accomplish this through regular communication and education of all our employees. The Safety Committee reviews and updates our safety policies, completes accident investigation reviews, and works with our subcontractors to improve their safety programs as well. The importance of the right safety attitude is reinforced on a daily basis.

2018 Safety and Service Awards Banquet

Farrior & Sons, Inc. honored employees on January 31, 2019, at the Farmville Country Club for their achievements in safety and years of service in the year 2018.

President, Bill Farrior, Jr., opened the festivities with comments on this special occasion and the company’s outstanding safety record. A delicious banquet meal followed, catered by Debra Dail of Debu Catering. The speaker for the evening was Mr. Larry Weaver, a comedian with a group called Trusted Speakers. Mr. Weaver treated the audience to humorous and wholesome entertainment while also highlighting the importance of maintaining a safety culture.

Bill Farrior, Sr. made a notable speech appreciating the company’s ambitious origins almost 60 years ago and was optimistic for what endeavors lie ahead.

Farrior & Sons has now operated for more than 15 years without a lost time accident. “We are very pleased with all of our employees, especially with everyone’s commitment to safety”, Farrior remarked.

Bobby Evans, Vice President, and Bill Farrior, Jr. then presented employees certificates and monetary awards for their commitment to the company’s Safety Program and for their service to the company.

Accident-Free Awards –

6 Months: Nick Nethercutt, Chris Cruz, and Geraldine Edwards

1 year accident free: Santos Coreas and Derek Williams

2 years accident free: Will Evans

3 years accident free: Roosevelt McCall

4 years accident free: David Norville and Bryan Pearsall

7 years accident free: Craven Taylor

11 years accident free: Tom Bausinger

13 years accident free: Armando Leal, Jim Ricks, and Dennis Taylor

14 years accident free: Ivey Pilkington

16 years accident free: Roger Sutton

17 years accident free: Manuel Leal

19 years accident free: Johnnie Ormond and Charlie Watt

22 years accident free: James Pittman

24 years accident free: Ronnie Bynum

28 years accident free: J.D. Norville

35 years accident free: Pete Vick

Farrior & Sons, Inc. is a third generation company. It is a family-owned, Christian-based company that has been in business for over 56 years. They are a leader in commercial, industrial, and metal building construction in eastern North Carolina.