Safety Awards

Farrior & Sons Construction Recognized by NC Department of Labor – April 20, 2017

For the ninth consecutive year, Farrior & Sons, Inc. was recognized by the North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL) for their safety record by receiving a Gold Award. The NCDOL Annual Safety Banquet, hosted by the Greenville-Pitt Chamber of Commerce was held at the Rock Springs Center on April 20, 2017. Criteria for the Gold Award states that the rate of days away from work, job transfer/restriction must be minimum 50% below industry average.

For more than 13 years, Farrior & Sons, Inc. has worked without a lost-time accident and is expected to reach One Million Hours without a lost-time accident in August. Brett Davenport, Jim Ricks and Scott Fussell represented Farrior and Sons at the annual event and accepted the award from NCDOL Commissioner of Labor, Cherie Berry.

President, Bill Farrior, Jr. noted, "The entire Farrior and Sons team recognizes the importance of safety and reinforces that attitude on a daily basis. At the end of the day, the most important job we have is to ensure that everyone goes home to their family."

Davenport, Ricks and Fussell are all members of the Farrior and Sons 2017 Safety Committee, made up of members from all employment levels within the company. The committee meets on a regular basis to discuss ways to review and update safety policies, completes accident investigation reviews and works with subcontractors to improve their safety programs.

Farrior & Sons, Inc. Awarded 13 Consecutive Safety Award

Farrior & Sons, Inc. Awarded 13th Consecutive Safety Award – November 23, 2016

Farrior & Sons, Inc., was recently awarded with the TriSure "Safety Award" presented by John Cramer, CEO of TriSure Corporation. Farrior and Sons' ended their fiscal year by achieving 13 years of work without a lost-time accident. This milestone will be celebrated with a "Safety and Years of Service" Banquet at the Farmville Community Center in January.

During the past 13 years, Farrior & Sons' employees have achieved 947,559 work hours without a lost-time accident and seven years without a recordable injury. This accomplishment could not have been reached without the tremendous amount of time and resources put forth by our Safety Committee to implement safety training and awareness.

Farrior & Sons has maintained a safe work environment by empowering all of its employees to adhere to safe work practices and by increasing safety awareness to all of their subcontractors' and visitors. The goal for 2017 is to reach One Million work hours without a lost-time injury.

Bill Farrior, Jr., president of Farrior & Sons, stated, "Safety is a value that we place on each employee and customer. This award represents the hard work and diligence that has been implemented throughout every facet of our business. We, at Farrior & Sons, are very fortunate to have reached the goal of becoming an accident-free company."

John Cramer from TriSure presented the award to Farrior. "It is evident that Farrior & Sons places priority on their commitment to safety and their employees," said John Cramer, "13 consecutive years of no lost-time incidents is virtually unheard of in the construction industry. We commend them for reaching their goal and their dedication to execute safe work practices."

Farrior & Sons, Inc. Awarded 13 Consecutive Safety Award